Extinguishing systems

Active extinguishing systems is a vital component in the fire protection of buildings, industrial premises and transportation.

The exintuishing system is activated and limits the development of a fire in the early stage, often long before the rescue service has arrived.

We test the efficiency of the extinguishing systems in accordance with international test methods and also test the function of the technical components of the system. Furthermore we can perform test adjusted for different applications and for the development of extinguishing systems.

A few important areas of acitivty
  • Fire exinguishers
  • Foam systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Water mist systems
  • Gas extinguishing systems

Gaseous extinguishing agents

RISE can offer fire large scale fire testing of clean agents.Read more...

Water Mist Systems

RISE has made many commercial water mist tests for different manufacturers and also taken active part in the development of the IMO test protocols for ship’s machinery. Read more...

Fire fighting foams

SP offers testing of fire fighting foams according to a number of various standards.Read more...

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