Fall protection

Personal fall protection equipment is used for preventing injury or fatalities on persons working on high levels. Fall protection equipment is category III according to the PPE directive and must therefore be type approved by a notified body, such as RISE.

We can also perform the recurrent production control necessary for category III products.


We are, since 1994, a Notified Body for certification of personal protective equipment for CE-marking in accordance with Directive 89/686/EEC, indicating that the equipment fulfils the requirements in the directive.


We have many years' experience of testing personal protective equipment and is also actively taking part in national, European and international standardization work. Testing can be performed in accordance with several European standards or in accordance with the client's own performance requirements.





We are a “one-stop-shop” for testing and certification of fall protection.

We can perform testing and certification of fall protection equipment, mountaineering equipment and rescue equipment in accordance with the following standards:

Fall protection

SS-EN 341

Descender devices

SS-EN 353

Guided type fall arresters on a rigid anchorage line

SS-EN 354


SS-EN 355

Shock absorbing lanyards

SS-EN 358

Belts for work positioning and restraint and work positioning lanyards

SS-EN 360

Retractable type fall arresters

SS-EN 361

Full body harnesses

SS-EN 362


SS-EN 363

Personal fall protection systems

SS-EN 364

Test methods

SS-EN 795

Anchor devices

SS-EN 813

Sit harnesses


SS-EN 566



SS-EN 1496

Rescue lifting devices

SS-EN 1497

Rescue harnesses

SS-EN 1498

Rescue loops



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