Calibration of field strength probes

StarprobeCalibration is an important tool for ensuring quality and determining uncertainty in final measurements. The basis of this process consists of continuous calibration at RISE.
Calibration of different probes

We offer calibration of numerous types of probe, including electric field alarm probes, ENV 50166-1-compliant alarm probes, three-axis broadband electric field probes and three-axis broadband magnetic field probes.

Probes used in EMC tests must be calibrated with reference to a national standard. RISE (before SP) is Sweden's National Metrology Centre for correction factors for field strength probes.

Methods for electric fields

RISE calibrates correction factors for field strength probes in the frequency range 10 kHz–18 GHz. We generate electric fields of up to 100 V/m or equivalent power density up to 25 W/m2.

Within the interval 10 kHz–1 GHz we use two different TEM cells to create traceability.


Within the interval 1 GHz–18 GHz we carry out calibrations in our anechoic chamber “Hertz” using fields generated from  standard gain horns with traceable antenna gain.



Methods for magnetic fields

A traceable field is generated in a Helmholtz coil. We have equipment capable of generating magnetic fields up to 10 µT in the frequency range DC–1 MHz.

Customer-specific calibrations

We also carry out customer-specific calibrations.

Do you have any questions or would you like to book a calibration? Contact us and we will help you.

Research in communications technology and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)

SP has long experience of research in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and carries out advanced research and development within communications technology. This research is carried out in the context of our competence in simulation methods and measurement technology.Read more...

Development of advanced antennas

RISE develops advanced antennas and antenna systems for complex environments. Read more...

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