Fire testing – buildings and construction

Fire Research offers a wide range of services for testing the fire resistance of construction products. We are an EU notified body for performing many of the product tests as required by the Construction Products Directive. We are accredited by SWEDAC for over 100 test methods, which include almost all the internationally recognised test methods for application in the building sector. We are also approved for testing in accordance with a number of national test methods from larger countries. We perform very extensive research and development activities for Swedish and international partners, often in conjunction with universities and institutes of technology.

We offer testing and certification of a wide range of product groups, for CE-marking at the international level and for type approval in Sweden.  Our test and verification results are also accepted in many other countries.  We work closely with testing and certification bodies in Europe, USA and Asia.  We also investigate and analyse the causes and behaviour of fires and the spread of smoke, and calculate temperatures in structures exposed to fire.  We are represented on the European Commission’s Fire Sector Group for Notified Bodies and on the European Group of Fire Experts, where we help to develop technical solutions to assist testing and certification procedures at the European level in accordance with the Construction Products Directive:  see the link (right) to the EU classification system. 

We test the reaction to fire and the fire resistance properties of construction products. 

Reaction to fire of construction products

Construction products are tested in respect of their reaction to fireRead more...

Fire resistance of construction products

When testing the fire resistance the properties are determined when exposed to a specified temperature.Read more...

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