Information about NT Fire 043 – Fire testing of large free-hanging vertical textiles

Test method: NT Fire 043 – Large, free-hanging curtain and drapery textiles: Heat release, fire spread and smoke production – Full scale test.

Main areas of use
The test method simulates a fire in a large free-hanging vertical textile that can give off high heat release and cause fast fire spread. The method is applicable in cases where ignitability (materials difficult to ignite) is not enough to reach certain demands on fire properties, for example offshore platforms, high risk healthcare wards, etc.

The method evaluates vertically oriented textiles technical fire properties when it is exposed to a gas burner with an output effect of 100 kW. The following parameters are measured: developed heat release (kW), smoke production (dBm2s-1), weight loss (%), flame spread (top of specimen) and maximum flame height from the floor (m).

Examples of products that are tested according to this method
Vertically oriented textiles or films; fire partitions draperies, sun protection screens, theater drop curtains, curtains for hospitals and ventilation hoods.

Material needed for test
Complete test series 2 specimens with dimensions 3100 mm x 3000 mm
Indicative single test 1 specimen with dimensions 3100 mm x 3000 mm




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