Information sheet SIS 65 00 82

Test method Textiles, determination of flameproofness of fabrics according to SIS 65 00 82.

Main field of application

The product can be classified according to Boverkets Allmänna råd 1993:2 Utgåva 2 after testing. The class is “material difficult to ignite”.

The test report can be used as the basis for an application of type approval, including third party factory production control.

The test method measures ignition for all kinds of fabrics, textiles and building materials, which are thinner than or equal to 3.5 mm.

Examples of products that can be tested with this method

All types of fabrics, textiles and building materials, which are thinner than or equal to than 3.5 mm.

Material consumption during test

Complete test
6 tests
10 test specimens, 5 specimens in one direction (e.g. production direction) and 5 specimens in perpendicular direction to the first direction, with the dimension 50 mm x 300 mm.
Indicative test 1 test 2 test specimens, with the dimension 50 mm x 300 mm.


Test procedure 

Test specimens shall be taken from both warp and weft directions. The same warp and weft threads shall not exist on several test specimens. The test takes place inside a test chamber with an open ceiling and an opening on the front side bottom. The conditioned test specimen is hanged in a vertical position and held in place by clamps. The test specimen is ignited at the lower end by a gas burner (12 seconds application time). After the gas burner has been removed, the time until test specimen self-extinguish and the damaged length is measured.



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