Information sheet SS 02 48 24 (NT Fire 006)

Test method for external fire exposure to roof coverings according to SS 02 48 24 (NT FIRE 006).

Main field of application

The product can be classified according to Boverkets Allmänna råd 1993:2 Utgåva 2 after testing. The class is called Taktäckning klass T.

The test report can be used as the basis for an application of P-marking and an agreement with SP of production control.

The test method measures a roof coverings ability to withstand flame spread when exposed to a burning wood crib.

Examples of products that can be tested with this method

Roof coverings, roof covering membranes, roofing boards etc. mounted on substrates to which they are intended to be used on. If the roof covering material is to be used on different substrates, all combinations must be covered by testing.

Material consumption during test

Complete test,
6 tests,
2 air velocities  
 10 test specimens with the dimension 400 mm x 1000 mm.

Indicative test,
1 test,
1 air velocity

2 test specimens with the dimension 400 mm x 1000 mm.


The test takes place inside a chamber that represents a sloping roof. The roof covering, in combination with the substrate, is mounted inside the test chamber. The test is performed at two different air velocities, 2 and 4 m/s. Three tests are performed at each air velocity. A wood crib is used as ignition source. The test continues for 15 minutes or until the fire is extinguished or until the flame front has reached the upper end of the specimen. During the test the time at which the specimen ignites and the time at which the flames and glow dies out is recorded. After the test, the length of the damaged material of the roof covering and the substrate, respectively, is measured. 


Additional information

SS 02 48 24 corresponds to: Danish standard DS/INSTA 413, Norwegian standard NS-INSTA 413, Finish standard SFS 4194 and ENV 1187-2. Joint Nordic regulations are stated in NKB Production Rules 7, published January 1989.


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