Reaction to fire of construction products

Construction products are tested in respect of their reaction to fire, which is important in determining whether a fire is likely to start and/or how it will develope. These reaction properties are ease of ignition, spread of flame, evolution of smoke and toxic gases, and heat release rate of the burning material. Many test methods are applicable for these properties, and detailed data sheets are available via the links under the heading Services on the right.  Test results are then used as a basis for classification (see the link under ‘Worth knowing about the EU system’), or for type approval. Test data is often also used in calculations of the spread of fire or for estimation of design fire ratings. 

Information about CEN/TS 1187, test 2

Test method for external fire exposure to roof coverings.

Information about EN 13823 - Single burning item (SBI)

Fire testing of construction products.

Information about EN ISO 9239-1

Fire testing of floorings.

Cable fire testing and research

Fire properties of cables are of great importance in a fire safety perspective. Read more...

Information about Room Corner Test

Room fire test.

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