Ongoing Research

Ergonomics and Equipment

At the request of MSB, a study is being implemented that will highlight which actions that need to be taken in order to make women and men be able to work under equal working conditions and lessen the risk of restitutive strain injuries. The study is supposed to be able to provide support to the development of the equipment that is being used in operational efforts within communal emergency services today. Going on in 2017. 

Contact: Raul Ochoterena, 010-516 5856 

Gas Vehicles

The competence platform of TUSC (Tunnel and Underground Safety Centre) carries studies toward the safety within fires in gas vehicles. Small scale trials in 2017.

Contact: Jonatan Gehandler, 010-516 5090


This project will value different types of extinguishing agents and extinguishing systems for extinguishing fires in battery storages.

The trials will be held at RISE Safetys fire hall under repeatable conditions. The trials are made against Li-ionbattery cells that are mounted in a module which will be induced for the occasion. The risk of Thermal Runaway proliferating is being evaluated for different extinguishing agents and systems. The extinguishing systems provider is being invited to take part of the trials. The systems that are being invited will be representing the systems that are being entered in the guidelines and similar documents as well as systems that are considered interesting to the project group.

Contact: Franz Evegren, 010-516 5088


SafePos II is about the safety positioning of smoke divers for operations in underground facilities as well as “wearable technology” as tactical resource for complex rescue efforts.

Contact: Eva- Sara Carlson, 010-516 5497

Tall timber houses
Tactics for extinguishing fires in wooden buildings higher than two stores.

Contact: Lotta Vylund, 010-516 6001

Big Accidents with Cascade Effects

Casceff is about the modeling of dependencies in crises and major cascading crashes.

Contact: Anders Lönnermark, 010-516 5691

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