Automotive electronics

Almost all new functions in modern vehicles are controlled by electronics and embedded systems. Many such functions have been introduced, increasing the overall level of complexity. At the same time, the automotive industry's customers have high expectations in terms of reliable and correct performance.

The functions of a vehicle dependent on electronics have become increasingly important.  Correct and reliable performance of the electronics, even when exposed to powerful electromagnetic interference, is essential.  Active safety systems are controlled by embedded systems that must operate reliably under the most extreme conditions.

RISE can assist with many aspects of development and testing of vehicle electronics

RISE can perform design verifications and physical testing of the performance of components, systems and complete vehicles when exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMC).  E-marking can be carried out as a technical service in accordance with the requirements of the Swedish National Road Administration.  Vehicle components can be tested under conditions such as vibration, shock, moisture, temperature, salt mist and other environmental conditions.  We can also perform functional safety assessments and evaluations of components.  Our facilities and accreditations include testing the performance of electronic equipment in explosion-hazardous conditions (Ex testing).  We also develop communication platforms for use within vehicle, between vehicles and between vehicles and the roadside. 

Functional safety

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EMC - Vehicles

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Embedded systems

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Evaluation of automotive electronic equipment

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