Evaluation of automotive electronic equipment

The services of RISE in the field of evaluation of automotive electronic equipment include risk analysis, specification of safety requirements, selection of system architecture, software analysis, evaluation of reliability and real-time properties, testing of situations and training courses.
Growing use of electronics in the automotive industry

The steady increase in the use of electronics is a general trend in the automotive industry.  Ten years ago, a car might have had only a dozen or so computers, with relatively simple interfaces.  Today, that car can have over 50 computers, working together under difficult and complex conditions. 

It is also expected that between 70 and 90 % of future innovations in vehicle technology will occur in electronics.

The vehicle system

Development of vehicle systems requires the use of modern methods of analysis, specification of performance requirements, formal development methodology and tools in order to create vehicles upon which we can rely.  It is particularly important to break down functions and properties from high levels to detailed requirements.  In addition to safety, automotive electronic systems must also deliver high availability:  it is unacceptable, for example, for owners to have to arrange for service without good reason.

The automotive industry requires all solutions to be cost-effective, and is therefore very aware of production costs.  One consequence of this is that the industry's subcontractors are expected to meet high standards of quality assurance and specification compliance. 


RISE can support companies in the use of the new functional safety standard ISO 26262 "Road vehicles - Functional safety"

Courses and knowledge transfer

We work with industry in all phases of a development project, and willingly help to disseminate knowledge through courses in required subjects.  Among the courses most in demand are those dealing with the international standard ISO 26262 "Road vehicles - Functional safety", the communication protocol for reliable embedded systems and a foundation course in UML (Unified Modelling Language). 

Embedded systems

RISE provides several services for electronic hardware for use in safety-critical embedded systems. Read more...

Evaluation of software

RISE has many years' experience of evaluation of safety-critical software.Read more...

Fault injection in electronic equipment and software

We provide services in the field of fault injection.
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