Machine control systems

The working areas of RISE include the safety of machines and safety in engineering facilities. Common questions include those relating to applicable requirements of the Machinery Directive, including CE–marking, validation of safety functions and personal protective equipment for use around machines in and industrial installations.
RISE can provide the following services for machine control:  
  • Guidance concerning understanding of directives and standards
  • Risk analysis (machines and installations) 
  • Assessment of specified safety requirements (machines and installations) 
  • Validation of implemented safety requirements 
  • training courses concerning the understanding of directives and standards
Machine safety standards

Standards provide assistance to the machine designer during the development stage.  The following is a list of some of the commonest occurring standards applicable to machine/machinery control systems: 

  • EN ISO 12100-1/-2 sets out general safety requirements for machines. 
  • EN 1050 (ISO 14121) describes how a risk analysis can be performed, and gives examples of risks that should be considered. 
  • EN 954-1, EN ISO 13849-1:2008, IEC 62061 and IEC 61508 provide guidance on how reliability requirements for the safety functions that are tested or controlled by a machine control system can be formulated. 

RISE has considerable experience of machinery and plant controlled by a variety of means, such as safety PLCs, standard PLCs, electromechanical control, programmable electronic control and mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic control. 

Research projects

We have also participated in several research projects for the development of methods for both development and validation of machine control systems.  Work of this type is normally carried out in conjunction with industry. 

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