Life cycle assessment of food products

A life cycle assessment (LCA) shows how products and processes affect the environment, from raw material extraction until the product becomes waste or is recycled. Following a product from the cradle to the grave allows resource consumption and releases to the air, water and ground to be mapped. This method is also used to analyse a service’s impact on the environment. The method is standardised in accordance with ISO 14040-14043.

The life cycle assessment is an excellent tool for achieving environmentally adapted product and process development. It is also a very good tool for environmental evaluations in association with purchasing. Mapping the impact of current products and processes on the environment allows your company to concentrate improvement work where it has the greatest effect.

Unique database
For more than ten years we have assisted a large number of Swedish and foreign companies with life cycle assessment. We offer leading competence based on a unique combination of research and consultancy activities. Our large database is an invaluable asset both for us and for our customers.

Some practical examples
• Svensk Mjölk (Swedish Milk) has been able to concentrate environmental work where it generates the greatest benefit.
• Lantmännen Unibake now knows how to produce their hamburger roll in an even more environmentally adapted way.
• SMAK (The Swedish Tablepotato Control Agency) has gained a very good understanding of how important it is to minimise potato waste.
• We can also carry out GWP calculations for your product or production, your transport or packaging solutions. GWP stands for Global Warming Potential. It is a measurement of the climatic impact of a specific product or process. Our GWP work has included GWP calculations for 100 of ICA’s products.

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