Calibration of multimeters and calibrators

RISE can calibrate the entire chain of electrical measuring instruments, from precision instruments such as 7½-digit multimeters and calibrators to simpler hand-held DMMs and calibrators.

Our unique resources, many years of experience of precision measurements and high quality requirements assure the quality of our calibrations.

Test points

We calibrate at test points in instruments either in accordance with their manufacturers’ instructions (performance tests), or with the customer’s specific requirements. Calibration is carried out with sufficient margins to verify the instrument’s specification or other customer-specific accuracy requirements. 

Highest accuracy on a multifunction calibrator

Multimeters are normally calibrated against calibrator instruments but can, where the highest accuracy is required, be calibrated against more accurate standards.  For DC voltage, for example, the best uncertainty of measurement can be as low as ±0,5 µV/V for 1 V and 10 V ranges.

Examples of precision instrument that we calibrate:


  • Hewlett-Packard / Agilent / Keysight 34401A / 34410A
  • Fluke 8845A / 8846A
  • Hewlett-Packard / Agilent / Keysight 3458A
  • Fluke 8508A
  • Wavetek 1281
  • Keithley 2000 / 2001 / 2002 / 2100


  • Fluke 5500A / 5520A
  • Fluke 5700A / 5720A / 5730
  • Wavatek 9100 including oscilloscope, electrical quality and insulation tester options.

3-4 digit instruments are calibrated by RISE Field Calibration. See below.


RISE provides calibration services for electrical resistance standards and various types of instruments, such as calibrators, multimeters, LCR meters and some temperature measuring instruments.Read more...

Electricity – Calibration in the field

RISE field calibration service calibrates multimeters, clip-on ammeters and all types of instruments for measuring electrical quantities. Read more...
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