Small plastic processing

SP has great potential to produce / mix materials in small volumes. Small-scale materials processing, saving time and money on material development of new polymer blends and composites (eg, nanocomposites and composites), where several different formulations to be produced and evaluated.

The equipment includes a 15 mL double-screw micro-compounder (DSM Xplore) equipped with a reflux of the cycling of the melt, allowing for optional mixing times as desired. The microcompounder is also equipped with a retracting device for film and fiber and a 10 cm3 injection molding equipment in which the melt can be molded into test specimens.

The chamber is water cooled and the opening which facilitates cleaning and enables rapid production of different material mixtures with low material consumption.


SP has recently purchased a modular double screw extruder (Brabender Plasti-Corder ® Labstation + TSE 20/40D) equipped with a volumetric head and side feeder that can be mounted at any intake along the screw chamber. The screws are made up of adjustable segments, enabling the design of any screw configuration for specific applications. The extruder is equipped with water cooling and opening chamber for simplified and quick cleaning when changing materials.

The equipment has great flexibility, which allows for adaptive processing for specific purposes in the production of polymer blends and composites.

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