Solar Energy

At SP we have a long tradition of evaluating systems and components for solar energy conversion into useful heat. Within this field we, at SP:s department of Energy Technology, are also responsible for the coordination of the many resources SP can offer those interested in developing or evaluating a product.

SP:s own product certificate, the P-mark, is used on solar collectors since 1990. The certification requirements have recently been revised in order to be up to date to new products and materials and to harmonise with the new European standard for collector testing. We are now accredited for collector testing according to EN 12975 and for system testing according to EN 12976 and SP Certification is also empowered to issue the Solar Keymark.


Do you want more information about the P-marking of collectors, please click here: More about P-marking of solar collectors


At SP:s department of Chemistry and Materials Technology we have extensive experience in durability testing and lifetime assessment of polymeric and metallic materials in solar energy converters. We offer testing of almost any type of material present in solar energy systems and, in addition, we have long experience in IEA:s development work in the field. We have a large and comprehensive collection of instrumentation for artificial aging and we also have highly advanced equipment for evaluation of the results.
More information on our services in the field of durability testing and lifetime assessment regarding components and materials of solar collectors.


More about the testing at SP Energy Technology

Collector testing at our department is focused at determining the energy output from the collector and to carry out some of the reliability tests included in the certification scheme. The collector efficiency is determined thru measurements either indoors in a solar simulator or outdoors. Our test facility is also used for testing complete solar heating systems and combistores.




SP:s solar simulator is sometimes used for collector testing, but more often for durability tests for the vehicle- and electronics industry.

Thru participation in several international solar energy projects we are fairly well up to date with the exciting development taking place in Europe. Among the projects can be mentioned:

  • NEGST - International research projekt on the next generation of solar thermal systems. SP is mainly working with "The next generation of standards" for advanced collectors and LCA analysis
  • the Solar Keymark project
  • IEA SH&C Task 26 "Solar Combisystems"
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