Enclosures for storage of paper documents

Boxes and file covers

Boxes made from board and file covers made from paper or board are the most recent products to be dealt with in a regulation from the Swedish National Archives. Requirements on boxes and file covers are specified in a Swedish Standard, SS-ISO 16245, where the requirements are given in terms of strength properties, functionality and material in the boxes.  

An international standard is currently being prepared.


Many archivists wish to mark the boxes with self-adhesive labels. The requirement is that the labels shall be fixed to the box for a long period of time. SP and the national Archive have discussed a project leading to specifications for such labels, which is now is included in Swedish National Archives Regulations (RA-FS).

Storage of photographic materials

The choice of materials for storage of photographic materials has a strong impact on the permanence of the photographic image. Testing is performed in accordance with ISO 18902, read more below services to the right on this page.

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