Time Synchronisation

RISE offers several services for the synchronisation of different kind of clocks.

Our calibration service offers measurements with accuracies from tenth of seconds up to a billionth of a second. The measurements are performed at RISE or on-site at the customers lab.

The accuracy is very important

Anybody working with computers knows that the computer clock is usually not even as accurate as a normal wrist-watch. In most applications this is not very important but for a great number of applications, accurate time is essential. Data acquisition and comparisons of computer log files are examples where the clocks may need to be synchronised. RISE offers synchronisation for computers and computer systems via dial-up modem or via Internet and NTP.

Speaking clock

The speaking clock 'Fröken Ur' has for several decades been a popular service that Telia has offered. Since March 8, 2000 the speaking machine for 'Fröken Ur' is placed at the laboratory for time and frequency at RISE and consists of three computers that are synchronised to the national times scale UTP(SP).

RISE ensures that Fröken Ur always tells the right time

Fröken Ur is the Swedish speaking clock service. RISE Time and Frequency laboratory provides the time signal, while Telia distributes it from the laboratory to callers. Read more...

GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite Systems

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) is the common name of global satellite-based systems for navigation, positioning and time transfer.Read more...

Time synchronisation via Internet and NTP

SP offers services for synchronisation of computer clocks via Internet using the standard protocol for time distribution over the Internet, Network Time Protocol (NTP). Read more...

Operating data and statistics for NTP Servers

SP has created a number of web pages that are automatically updated on a daily basis to give you the opportunity to follow the operation and the accuracy of the NTP-servers at SP. Read more...

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