Process and technology development – Equipment

We have a unique research and development infrastructure available at our facilities including pilot plants, customized process equipment and measuring instruments. In our equipment you can find both traditional as well as cutting-edge technology providing us the opportunity to manufacture food products and evaluate different process technologies. SP is an experienced partner in feasibility studies, upscaling and industrialisation.

    Microwave equipment

    • Continuous microwave pilot plant for pumpable/liquid product
    • Microwave pilot scale conveyor oven
    • Microwave and hot air drying equipment
    • Microwave tempering equipment at low frequency
    • Combination oven with microwave, convection and infrared technology
    • A variety of lab scale and small pilot scale microwave ovens
    • SP also produces custom-made equipment for various types of microwave applications


    Infrared equipment

    • Infrared pilot scale conveyor ovens
    • Infrared and impingement pilot scale conveyor oven
    • Infrared and impingement lab scale oven


    Flow processing equipment

    In addition to a set of different types of pumps, heat exchangers, valves and tanks we have the following pilot scale equipment:

    • Cleaning-In-Place pilot plant
    • Ultra high temperature (UHT) pilot equipment for liquid products
    • Continuous microwave pilot plant for pumpable/liquid products


    Structure processing equipment

    • Chocolate tempering machine
    • High power ultrasound equipment
    • Powder mixing equipment
    • Freeze dryer
    • Carbon dioxide drying equipmentempereringsutrustning för choklad

    Extraction equipment

    We have equipment for green extraction technologies, such as supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, available in the scales 100ml, 500ml and 1.5L. The extraction system permits a pressure of up to 600 bars.
    We have equipment available for the following extraction processes:

    • Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction
    • Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction with co-solvent (e.g. ethanol)
    • Liquide carbon dioxide extraction

    Meat processing pilot plant

    A modern meat pilot plant with high performance equipment designed according to food safety standards, which means that we can produce samples for consumer tests and test production. The pilot plant is used for product and process development of meat, poultry and fish products. The facility includes:

    • Smoke chambers designed for smoking both with wood chips and liquid smoke
    • Vacuum and gas packaging machines
    • Meat choppers and grinders
    • Injector
    • Pneumatic sausage filler
    • Thawing chambers
    • Meat tumbler
    • Microwave tempering equipment at low frequency

    Bakery pilot plant

    • The bakery pilot plant is equipped with both traditional baking equipment as well as alternative heating equipment with appropriate combinations of microwave, infrared and impingement technologies. Samples for consumer tests can be produced in the bakery. The facility includes the following traditional equipment:
    • Convection ovens
    • Dough proofing chambers
    • Dough mixers
    • Dough rounder
    • Dough sheeter


    Analysis equipment

    We perform process and product analyses, which involve helping our customers to identify the best course of action as part of the product development programme, relevant both for quality or production problems as well as when planning a major investment. A wide range of instruments and methods are available:

    • Dielectric property measurement equipment
    • Differential Scanning Calorimeter
    • Gas Pycnometer
    • Digital Color Imaging System (DigiEye)
    • Moisture content measurement equipment
    • Water activity analyser
    • Powder property tester
    • Powder density meter
    • Sieve shaker for particle size analysis
    • Temperature sensors (thermocouples, optical fibers, etc.)
    • Infrared camera
    • Chocolate tempermeter
    • Etc.

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