Process and Pharmaceutical Development

Process and Pharmaceutical Development is a research institute focusing on chemical process- and pharmaceutical development. As a partner to academic research groups and industrial organizations we lead projects from idea to proof of concept for commercial application.

Our activities range from research, development and concept testing to small scale manufacture.

We are a fully owned subsidiary of RISE.

Our main business areas are within Life Science, Specialty & Fine Chemistry, BioEconomy and Material Science.

We are Your Science & Innovation Partner!

Process Development chosen by Karolinska Development AB as preferred supplier for the development of pharmaceutical products and CMC activities


Life Science

Complete pharmaceutical development partner for drug candidates - drug substance and drug product Read more...

Process Development and AstraZeneca Mölndal Strategic Partners - Bioventure Hub

Bioventure Hub was established in 2014 at the AstraZeneca Mölndal site as an alternative eco system for life science.Read more...

Feasibility study - Immobilized biocatalysts for large scale industrial processes

SP Process Development and EnginZyme perform a feasibility study sponsored by Vinnova on immobilized biocatalysts for large scale industrial processes.Read more...

Chemical process development with focus on biomass valorization

SP Process Development introduces an efficient tool for chemical process development with a special focus on biomass valorization.Read more...

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Contact Persons

Magnus Larsson

Phone: +46 10 516 65 14

Head of Process Development
Anna Stenemyr

Phone: +46 10 516 65 01

Head of Substance and Formulation
Nicolaas Schipper

Phone: +46 10 516 65 06

Head of Analysis and Solid State
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Phone 010-516 50 00, E-mail

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