The Electromagnetic Compatibility Section possesses extensive knowledge of research and testing in EMC, communications technology and high-frequency technology. We use advanced measurement methods and calibrate antenna and field strength meters.

With unique and advanced equipment and chambers we can perform tests and measurements on a wide range of products. Important product areas include vehicles and vehicle components, IT, radio and communication, industrial equipment and military equipment. We are accredited for all 'normal' tests, and are accepted for issuing approvals or to provide material for approval by public authorities. 

We are:

  • Notified Body for the EMC Directive
  • Notified Body for the Radio and Telecomunications Terminal Equipment Directive
  • Telecommunications Certification Body for radio and EMC for the FCC in the USA
  • Technical Service to the National Road Administration for approval of vehicles and vehicle components

Research cooperation

Research is carried out in conjunction with leading companies in the telecoms and automotive industries. We work particularly closely with Chalmers University of Technology and with its Centre of Excellence, and also with the University of Uppsala. This assures the scientific quality of our work and further increases the pool of expert knowledge that can be drawn upon. 
The EMC Section is also a National Standards Laboratory for high-frequency electromagnetic fields.  We use advanced instrumentation methods, and calibrate antenna and field strength meters.


The vehicles of the future are being tested in Awitar
RISE has invested SEK 100 million in building Awitar at its site in Borås. It is not only an even bigger EMC hall, but first and foremost a test bed for safety-critical vehicle electronics. Awitar (Automotive Wireless Test and Research Facility) was opened in January 2018.
“There is nothing like it in Europe that is open to researchers and companies. Those already in existence have been built for in-house use by the companies themselves,” says Christer Karlsson of RISE Electronics.
More information are available on the Awitar website, www.awitar.se


Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – products for industry

We offer services in situations that require special resources, unique competence and accredited testing. We can offer testing of small and medium-sized products alongside testing of vehicles and other larger products with very high EMC requirements.Read more...

EMC - Vehicles

In addition to testing cars, we also have considerable experience of forestry machinery, earth-moving machinery, military vehicles, etcRead more...

EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and radio requirements for the US market

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US is the authority that specifies requirements that must be met by electrical products on the American market. These requirements are incorporated in the FCC's Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).Read more...
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