HF and Microwaves

Sweden's national standards laboratory for RF and microwave measurement is held by our measurement technology department, and maintains the national standards for measurement of power, impedance, reflection factor, transmission, attenuation and electrical field strengths. Our customers come from the telecommunications industry, calibration laboratories and development laboratories.

This work is divided up into guided wave measurements and electrical field strength. The services of the national standards laboratory support Swedish industry's needs in respect of measurement technology and calibration, from design and construction to production and operation. Development of the laboratory's calibration facilities is carried out in close cooperation with other national standards laboratories in Europe through the joint EURAMET organisation.

Company training courses

We provide training courses in microwave measurement technology. However, if they are to deliver the most benefit, such courses must be matched to the customer's particular instruments and requirements, and all are therefore custom courses. 

Research and innovations

Our work in microwave measurement technology is continuously developed through constant research and innovation, much of which is carried out in the form of externally commissioned projects from research funding sources, and as commissioned work for specific customers. 

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