Force and torque

RISE national standards laboratory for force and moment develops and validates new calibration standards, measurement equipment and innovations. We arrange courses and provide expert help when required.
Participation in measurement comparisons

We participate in international measurement comparisons in order to improve Swedish competitiveness in the field of measurement technology, and to assure the traceability of our equipment and standards. This traceability can then be transferred directly to companies, or to calibration laboratories which, in turn, calibrate force and moment-measuring equipment for users. 


We develop and validate new calibration standards, measuring equipment and innovations in order to improve the competitiveness of Swedish measurement technology and methods.  Much of this work is carried out in conjunction with Swedish industry, universities and institutes of technology.


We arrange courses and workshops in the field of force and moment measurement, and provide assistance or advisory services as required.  

Force measuring equipment


Measurement services

Supported by our expertise and long experience in the field, we can help you find the right methods of measurement for your business.Read more...

Advances in torque measurement

A new torque reference standard is now being installed in our force laboratory, and will enable us to perform calibrations up to 5000 Nm. Read more...

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Advances in torque measurement

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