High voltage laboratory introduction

Strong personnel group comprising both world-renowned researchers and experienced technicians guarantees competence, flexibility and capacity.

18x24x17 m
Completely shielded
Very low PD level
Very low background sound level
Indoor climate 23±0.5°C
High voltage and current capabilities

AC voltage up to 350 kV
LI and SI impulse generator with normal voltage 2100kV
AC Current up to 10 kA
DC voltage up to 1200 kV
DC current up to 6 kA

The mission of RISE High voltage Group is to provide state-of-the-art calibrations of measuring equipment used in high-voltage and high-current testing. We are especially proud of our capacity in DC voltage measurement, where we have the best ability world-wide with an uncertainty of 0.003 % at 1000 kV. We regard it as very important to provide calibration services both in-house and at the user’s premises.

In addition to calibration, testing of high voltage equipment is also offered. The main high voltage hall can be configured in one or more test bays, providing the possibility to handle parallel endeavours. 

Lightning impulse parameters according to the new IEC 60060-1 edition – ON LINE!

Try online! Evaluate your recorded lightning impulses with the new method of IEC 60060-1Read more...

High-voltage techniques

Our expertise includes high-voltage measurements of high currents and voltages. Read more...

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Jonas Cedergren

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