Power and Energy

The activities in the group for (electrical) power and energy mainly deal with the measurement of electrical power and energy. We offer services regarding calibration, testing and certification.

Calibration is an important tool to assure the quality of measurements. We offer calibration of your measuring instruments that will enhance the quality of your measurements and which will help you to minimise risks and losses due to erroneous measurements.

We calibrate wattmeters and power quality meters. We calibrate, test and take part in certification of electricity meters. We test meters for both international standards the European Measurement instruments directive (MID).

We also perform investigations and (in situ) measurements at the customer premises. Together with the high voltage group we can undertake very broad measurement and calibration projects.

Measuring Instruments Directive (MID)

MID - a new European directive for measureing instruments. We can assist your company with testing and certificates...Read more...

Calibration - Electricity


Test and certification of electrical energy meters

RISE tests and certifies watt-hour meters according to national regulations and Swedish, European and international standards. The testing as well as the certification is accredited by SWEDAC, the official accreditation body in Sweden. Read more...

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