Pressure and vacuum

Pressure measurement is one of the commonest types of measurement made in Swedish industry. RISE national standards laboratory for pressure is an important resource in the field of pressure measurement. We can provide assistance with all forms or applications of pressure measurement.

We provide expert assistance in such ways as through investigation of companies' pressure measurement problems. With our wide range of expertise and experience, we can also assist through the provision of training and projects that require more than just pressure measurement, covering everything from measurement methods, uncertainty of measurement and testing of quality systems. 


We deliver our knowledge and experience through training courses, seminars and lectures, for recipients ranging from individual laboratories and companies to universities and institutes of technology.  


The National Laboratory for Pressure has a well equipped laboratory for pressure measurements:

Pressure mode Pressure range Medium
absolute 0,0001 Pa - 7,0 MPa gas
gauge 1 Pa - 40 MPa gas
gauge 0,1 - 500 MPa oil

Dynamic pressure measurements

We can help you with measurements and measuring systems. Read more...

Calibration of pressure balances

Pressure balances are the most stable and linear devices used for the measurement of pressure. Read more...

Calibration of vacuum gauges

Vacuum gauges that indicate that a process is operating at the ”correct” pressure level are important in many industrial processes. Read more...
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