Photometry and radiometry

RISE Optical Metrology Laboratory is Sweden's national standards laboratory for photometry and radiometry. We perform calibrations, measurements and evaluations in the optical wavelength range, i.e. ultraviolet, visible light and infra-red.

Optical metrology refers to the measurement of optical radiation and its properties.  Starting from RISE cryogenic radiometer, which is the primary standard for radiometric power, we perform traceable calibrations and measurements of detectors and light sources.   

Calibrations, measurements and safety classifications

We calibrate fibre-optic instruments for companies in the telecoms and sensor sectors, and perform measurements of light and colour, which are very important for industrial technology, the lighting environment and the work environment. In addition, we also perform safety classifications of lasers and accredited measurements of hospital analysis laboratories, as well as disseminating our expertise through custom courses for companies and organisations. 

Research and innovations

Our work in photometry and radiometry is continuously developed through constant research and innovation, much of which is carried out in the form of externally commissioned projects from research funding sources, and as commissioned work for specific customers.

Light-emitting diodes: the next-generation light source

On behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency, RISE is running a three-year project to evaluate technical solutions and investigate various development paths for LEDs. Read more...

Optical properties of surfaces

This project is intended to identify the needs of Swedish and Nordic industry for improvements in the field of optical measurement technology and optical reference materialsRead more...


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