Volume and flow

We measure volumes and flows and supply traceable calibrations for related instruments. Both small and large, for example as needed for medical dosing equipment at one end of the scale to feed water flows in nuclear power stations at the other.

Flow meters are important components in many industries and sectors.  An important example is that of accurate measurement of petrol and diesel fuel, where incorrect measurements quickly add up to major costs. Incorrect volume bills are always a disadvantage to the supplier, whether he doesn't get paid for the full quantity that or loose goodwill of customers who don't get the quantities for which they pay. 

Quality assurance

Costs are therefore an important reason for measuring, and for measuring correctly.  Quality assurance, too, requires traceability and good accuracy of measurement.  In process industries for example, where flow meters control mixing processes, or in the manufacturing industries, where meters are used to check the function and capacity of a product, calibrated meters are often an important element of a company's quality management system. 

Test/Certification of measuring instrument

SP tests and certifies measuring instruments.

Calibration of Flow Meters


Calibration - Volume


Testing volume and flow meters

SP is a Notified Body for type-testing and certification under the Measuring Instruments Directive for fuel meters, heat meters and water meters. Read more...

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