The Swedish Wine Industry and their needs - Visions, tasting and workshop

Swedish Wine Industry is developing fast with a great variety of fantastic unique wines. The aim is to put Sweden on the World Wine map and overcome the challenges together. Understanding the challenges and how to deal with them will help us to fulfill our aim sooner!

The Nordic Taste & Flavor Center at RISE, invites you for a day at RISE where to identify these challenges. Our lecturers convey the knowledge in the sphere of wine quality, wine and grape research and winemaking techniques.

Together with practical exercises, we will have open discussions about how research and your experience can work as a strong team on dealing with the wine challenges!

After this day we hope to have learned more about the Swedish wine producer’s needs and priorities. We aim for increasing collaboration between science and the Swedish Wine Industry. 

Mihaela Mihnea and Gonzalo Garrido-Bañuelos hold a PhD in Oenology. They have spent the last ten years working in different international research institutions. They have an extensive experience working with different winemaking techniques and assessing their impact on the chemical composition and the sensory properties of the wines.


We turn to you who work with wine and deal with the challenges every day. Come and share with us your experiences and needs. Let’s build together a stronger Swedish Wine Industry.


During the day we will share:
  • Wine knowledge at RISE and our vision of Swedish Wine Industry
  • Wine typicity and tasting with Prof. Jordi Ballester-Perez from France
  • Open discussions on your experience and needs
  • Identification and prioritization of the Swedish Wine Industry´s needs
  • Establish future collaboration strategies to address your needs



22 jan 2019
Sista anmälningsdag:
16 jan 2019
RISE Jordbruk och livsmedel, Frans Perssons väg 6, Göteborg


The seminar is free of charge but we will take out a no-show fee of 300 SEK


Nordic Taste and Flavour Centre
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Tina Petersson

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RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Tel 010-516 50 00, E-post

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